Tips to Beat Diabetes Naturally

Published on July 23, 2015 by HWC

The video explains about reversing diabetes and natural treatments for preventing diabetes.

Diet- What you Should Eat?

Diet is an ideal way to balance blood sugar levels. Eating meals that are high in protein , fiber and healthy fat are the best way to balance blood sugar levels. You need to have diet that contains few carbohydrates.

Having foods that are rich in chromium can help you control diabetes. Broccoli is an ideal choice for you. Nuts and seeds including flax, pumpkin, almonds, walnuts and chia can also regulate blood sugar levels.

Foods to Avoid

You need to avoid sugary foods including grains. You can replace these with stevia or no calorie natural sweetener. Honey can be taken in moderate levels.

Grains that contain gluten, white flour products, wheat bread, whole-grain breads and oatmeal should be avoided. You should not consume conventional dairy products such as conventional milk because it contains casein which may result in few major health problems. But, you can consume few dairy products like goat cheese in moderate levels.

Best Supplements for Diabetes

The following are the best supplements that can reverse diabetes naturally.

Chromium Picolinate Supplement

Take 200 mg of this supplement three times a day along with the meals to reverse diabetes.


Have 1 tbsp in the morning for breakfast, one tbsp for lunch or dinner can help reverse diabetes.

Fish Oil

This is great for reversing diabetes since it can reduce inflammation

Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA)

It works with pancreas to balance blood sugar levels naturally.

Essential Oils

Cinnamon and coriander are the two essential oils that work best for reversing diabetes. Coriander works with liver and balances blood sugar levels, whereas, Cinnamon works with pancreas.

Take a couple drops of Cinnamon with couple drops of coriander with 1 tbsp of coconut oil and rub the mixture at the bottom of your feet.

Additionally, you need to do exercise, keep stress levels at optimal to reverse diabetes naturally.

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