Tips To Lose Holiday Weight Gain

Published on August 11, 2016 by shiva

Generally people gain weight during holidays. Holiday weight gain is a common problem in both males and females. The weight gain range from 1 to 5kgs in each individual. The weight that you gain during holidays takes more time to lose when compared to the normal weight gain.

There are some basic home remedies that can be used to reduce the holiday weight gain. You can manage your weight by starting your day with hot water with honey. After drinking this hot water with honey you can do yoga or meditation along with brisk walk. After the brisk walk you can have green tea. It is suitable to have more amounts of cereals in breakfast. The cereals that you can include in your breakfast can be corn, wheat, oats, cornflakes or khakra. To intake more amount of cereals you can also eat a roti or paratha for a healthy breakfast.

The main reason to have a cereal breakfast is that, the breakfast should be heavy that it should provide all nutrients required by your body throughout the day. Fruits can be eaten between lunch and breakfast. And drink hot water with cinnamon or black pepper half an hour before the lunch. Eat more salads in the lunch along with roti. You should add the fibrous powder or the wheat bran to the dough to increase the fiber content of the roti. For better results reduce the sugar and salt content in the food.

Apart from diet practice regular exercise and yoga for better results. Detoxifying diet can also be used for losing weight in a month. Detoxifying diet generally refers to following a particular diet throughout the day.

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