How Does The Thyroid Hormone Affect Health?

Published on August 28, 2016 by shiva

Thyroid hormones and the regulation of these hormones are very important for health. Thyroid hormone regulation is also important for the fat loss as well. Thyroid gland produces the thyroid hormone that is T3 and T4. TSH thyroid stimulating hormones are produced in response to T3 and T4. Generally a lab test defines whether the T3, T4 and TSH are in normal levels. If the TSH is lower, then the T3 and T4 would be higher. If the T3 and T4 are higher, then the TSH would be lower. TSH and T3, T4 are inversely proportional in cases when you are suffering with hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism.

Hyperthyroidism is a condition when the T3 and T4 are excessively produced and TSH is produced in smaller amounts. When the TSH is higher it is a clear indication that the T3 and T4 are under-produced or not produced at all. Any of the goitrogenic substances that are present in food would not help a hypothyroidic condition.

Hypothyroidism is a condition where the T3 and T4 are lower and TSH is higher. Hypothyroidism can either lead to weight gain, hair loss, and fatigue. In such conditions it is important to regulate these hormones. Along with medications there are certain foods that can help in dealing with hypothroidic condition. Increase the protein content in your diet especially calcium and milk protein is recommended for vegetarians. Animal protein is also essential and can be taken up by non vegetarians.

You need to avoid goitrogenic substances as it inhibits the absorption of iodine that will deplete the T3 and T4 further. The goitrogen substances are cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, millets, sprouts and soy products.

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