Thyroid Disease-signs you shouldn’t ignore

Published on June 9, 2015 by HWC

Nowadays, thyroid disorders are the most common problems that are occurring in many people. The reasons for this are many. When a thyroid gland is not working properly, then it may lead to a number of health issues.

Few signs that tell you have thyroid disease are as follows:

Sudden weight gain

Though you are not taking calories and started working out, but not getting good results, then you may have hypothyroidism. The same thing can happen in people who are suffering from hyperthyroidism. Though these people take more than the recommended levels, they can’t gain weight.

Aches and pains in the joints

Getting aches and pains in the joints and muscles without any physical exertion can be a sign of thyroid.

Neck swelling

If you are experiencing visibly big swelling in the neck associated with a pain and gravelly voice, then you may get thyroid.


If you are feeling too tired even after eight or ten hours of sleep, then there is a chance to get thyroid. Most people from hyperthyroidism will experience nighttime insomnia.

Damaged hair & skin

Few things such as dry and loss of hair, dry and scaly skin are the major signs of thyroid disease.

Constipation problems

Painful bowel movements or constipation lasting for a long period can result in hypothyroidism

Menstrual problems

Most often, hypothyroidism can lead to heavy, normal and painful periods. On the other hand, shorter, lighter and unsteady menstruation problem can cause hyperthyroidism.

Mental disorders

Depression or anxiety problems such as fearful thoughts or panic attacks are signs of thyroid disease.

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