Three Reasons Why Co-Sleeping is good For Babies

Published on June 21, 2016 by HTC Team

In fact, research shows that co-sleeping is actually safer than sleeping alone here is what science says about sleeping with your baby. In Indian scenario most of the parents usually cope up for core sleeping core sleeping is near to the mother or in the crib, so

  • There are lot of benefits that increases the bond between the mother and the baby, helps in easy breastfeeding especially in the night no frequent waking up and going to the other place the mother also maybe tired so this is more beneficial, it increases the milk production and increases the bonding between the mother and this makes the baby less Anxious, fearfulness attacks which we usually see in more babies sleeping in a separate room reason not seen in baby’s sleeping with their mother.
  • Especially if it is a preterm babies, preterm baby usually they have a low birth weight and if the baby is with mother due to the warmth of the mother increase more weight. Now coming to the myths in 1990 there are some studies saying that there is sudden infant death syndrome that is SIDS which is commonly seen in kids and almost there is a 1.5% increase in the mothers who are co sleeping with their baby but this is usually negligible like if you see into the factors what they have used is some mothers mostly in the west either they are alcohol abuse or drug abused mothers sleeping with the baby on the bed was having a bulky bedding or if the baby or an accidental suffocation has happened to the baby in this case there has happened to the baby in this case there has been.
  • Rather than stopping the co sleeping mother should be properly educated on how you should sleep with the baby and feeding the baby especially in night it is always better to do it in a sitting position so that the mother does not accidentally sleep of or accidentally suffocate the baby. Another thing what the people say is that your baby may tend to be more dependent, but this is very unlikely, we are talking about the age which is less than 6 months this is the time when the baby requires the proper warmth of the mother and love and affection of the mother

So rather than keeping the baby separate always go for a co sleeping especially till the baby is at least 8 to 10 months.

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