4 Common Symptoms of Labor Pain

Published on December 4, 2015 by HTC Team

During the 8th and 9th month of pregnancy, there is a Braxton Hicks contraction meaning painless contraction or painless tightening of uterus. Initially it is a little vague and not severe in the beginning but if these Braxton Hicks contraction is accompanied with pain, it is called labor pain.

Slowly the pain increases in intensity and frequency. Watch from one or two contractions in ten minutes to several contractions in a period of two hours. Watch the labor pains at home for 2-3 hours and then call the doctor or go to the hospital.

Second symptom of labor pain is leaking or when the water bag bursts. The wetness is due to the ammunitic fluid. It could be a slow trill or a drastic leak. When urine starts to pass without control, you should consult doctor. Don’t assume the passing of urine as normal.

Next examine if there is any bleeding or spotting. Bleeding might occur when the mucus plug in cervix comes out. Cervix plug is there to avoid the infections. The blood tinge is called show and it could be minimal to high flow of blood.

The fourth and last is Fetal Movement. If the baby is happy, the fetal movement keeps on moving but if the baby is unhappy, the fetal movement decreases. Count the movement consciously. It should be 10 movements in 2 hours.

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