Suggestions for the Safe Use of Cell Phones

Published on March 2, 2016 by HTC Team

Cell phones have become a part and parcel of our lives but should be used with caution as very harmful radiations are emitted from these phones. Children in particular should be very careful while using these phones and should be allowed to use them only in case of an emergency.

Suggestions for the Safe Use of Cell Phones:

  • Mobile phones should be carried in a purse or case and not in pockets or undergarments as harmful radiation is emitted from these phones.
  • It is safer to receive calls when there is optimal reception. Otherwise, if a bar is short of the full load, hundred times more radiation or energy is emitted in order to get the good signal.
  • There is a huge burst of energy at the beginning of a call. As a result, you should wait for a couple of seconds before talking on the phone, once the line is connected.
  • Mobile phones should not be used inside a car as the vehicle acts as a Faraday cage, entrapping the harmful radiations or signals inside the car bouncing to and fro and is certainly very deleterious for the human brain.
  • The use of air tube sets should be practiced while using mobile phones as that enables the phone to be kept away from the body or head. As air tubes conduct the radiation through air, it reduces the risk of exposure to these harmful waves to a certain extent as compared to wired headphones, like blue tooth.
  • While talking on cell phones, it should be switched from ear to ear, to avoid the development of brain cancer due to prolonged exposure to one part of the head.
  • Just before going to bed, talking on a cell phone should be avoided, as it affects the sleep pattern. These phones should be charged far away from where you sleep.

Thus by following the above mentioned suggestions, you can protect yourself from the harmful radiations emitted by these cell phones considerably.


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