How to Stay Active at Work?

Published on June 29, 2016 by HTC Team

Busy working hours leave you with no time to think about your health at all. You are spending most of the time at work i.e. in most cases upwards in eight hours. If you want stay fit work is the place where you can be more active. Here some small steps that you can follow to be active at work.

  • Walk to talk – Walk when you talk, walking while talking on the phone is a great exercise. As you does not focus on walking rather engaged on the conversation. You end up talking more than you realize and hence you can burn those calories.
  • Park you vehicle far away – Don’t choose the closest parking spot, this might be difficult initially. If you drive to work try to park your car farther away from the office. These will enable you to walk to office. You can also couple this by keeping your lunch box in your car hence carrying it your office hence you will be forced to work back the distance for your lunch.
  • Walk to go to your office – Make time to vanish short distance rickshaw rides. Make an extra effort to leave your home early. If you are paying a minimum fare for the shorter distance you rather walk it.
  • Don’t call or E-mail – The next time you need to tell your colleague something make that trip to his desk and tell him in person. This will not only help your interpersonal skills sot importantly loosen those stiff muscles and burn calories.
  • Use pomodoro Technique – The pomodoro technique is a very effective technique. It is basically a time management tool that sets a 25 min timer for task. At work set a pomodoro for 25 minutes for a dedicated task and the moment you are done with it take a swift walk at a water cooler or coffee machine. This not only helps in work productivity but also allows you to burn that flap.
  • Don’t overload your desk – Don’t over load your desk with everything with the things you need. If you block your desk with things all you need you don’t find the need to getting up from that place. Keep your lunch box in your lunchroom and your water bottle few desks away this will reason to get up and walk regularly.
  • Stand up – Being on your feet at the cubicle for just five minutes burns roughly fifteen calories stand up for every 5 hours to stretch, talk in the phone, shuffle papers and walk to the water pump, hence you can able to burn about 120 calories.
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