Simple Tips for Sound Sleep

Published on April 21, 2016 by HTC Team

During older times, sleep was compared to death and the next morning waking up was like getting a rebirth, another chance to do your incomplete tasks. It explains why during illness and undergoing any treatment, sleep is very necessary. A good night’s sleep does half of the doctor’s work. Sleep is the biggest healer of all. Some facts about sleep are given below that will help you to have sound sleep:

  • The biggest mistake we all make is quantifying the sleep. Some people think 6 hours of sleep is enough and some people think 8 hours of sleep is good for them. But the answer is more or fewer hours, they are both wrong. It doesn’t matter how much amount of time you give to sleep. Sleep for as much time as the body needs and when in the next morning the person wakes up, back to their senses, with a zest, they’ve had a good sleep.
  • Another mistake people make is that after doing some work they get on to bed thinking now it’s time to sleep, which is wrong. It’s like when you want to stop a car, you first slow it down. Similarly, with sleep, first the person must sit in a place for a while and must calm their mind. They must let their mind get emptied, let their awareness of the surroundings gradually come down so that the brain can decide that now it’s time for a sleep.
  • Also, the time difference between sleep and dinner must be enough so that the digestion process doesn’t come in the way of sleep else it may result into hiccups or burning chest sensation. Always take light meals before sleeping. The lighter the dinner, the better would be the sleep. Also, try to calm your senses with some music before sleeping.
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