Is plastic good for packing food?

Published on July 27, 2016 by shiva

Now a days people are using plastic wraps to wrap many food products. In every super market and food court you will find food items wrapped in plastic. Roadside food stall vendors are using plastic wraps for packing hot food items. You need to know that plastic is having bad effect on your health. You should not wrap hot food in plastic wrap as the plastic melts in heat.
The substance that is present in the plastic wraps is cancerous. Plastic tends to disintegrate day by day and higher temperature speeds up this reaction. The disintegration of plastic substance with heat can lead to release of toxic chemicals into the food substance.
Studies reveal that chemicals like BPA and phthalates can cause many health problems in humans. The common health problems cause due to BPA and phthalates are: hormonal imbalance, obesity and cancers.
Plastic wraps can be used in the refrigerators to wrap the fruits and vegetables. You need to make sure the plastic wrap has holes in it when you want to preserve the fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator. Plastic wrap without hole can spoil the fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator. There is no harm in using plastic wrap to preserve and store the cold food items.
Cold temperature does not have any effect on the plastic and it will not release any harmful chemicals. It is better to use paper when compared to plastic wraps. There are many plastic wraps available in the market that contains harmful chemicals in it which can lead to severe diseases.


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