PCOS and Infertility Treatment

Published on December 2, 2015 by HTC Team

Polycystic ovary syndrome, commonly known as PCOS with lack of ovulation is the leading cause of infertility in women. Major risk factors include obesity, no or less physical exercise and a family history of someone with the condition.

Dr Anitha Prasad, a leading gynaecologist at Femiint Clinic located in Whitefield, Bangalore advices on various treatments available for infertility due to PCOS. The very first treatment involves lifestyle changes as low calorie intake and regular exercise to ensure regular periods for better chances of conception.

After lifestyle changes and weight loss has been tried, she prescribes Oral ovulation inducing drugs on day 10 till ovulation and monitoring the progress by Follicular Imaging. If ovulation is not facilitated, the dosage is increased from 100 to 200 mg in next cycle.

The next treatment is injecting Gonadotropins hormones directly to increase estrogens circulation in the body which develops mature eggs. Then, HCG is induced and within 36 hours, ovulation is established for timely intercourse or intra neutron insemination as per the doctor’s choice.

PCOS is an insulin resistance which leads to excess endogen secretion, hindering ovulation. Methadone drug is then added to the treatment. If all other treatments fail, IVF will be the last resort. Several injections are given for stimulating ovulation.

Surgical ovum pick up procedure is done to retrieve mature eggs for fertilization in the laboratory in ideal environment till embryo is formed which is then entered in uterus for healthy pregnancy. Different Protocols are followed by doctors for infertility treatments.

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