Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies For Gout

Published on August 29, 2016 by shiva

Gout is Vatr Rakta. The vatra and rakta are dushit at the same time. Hence it is named Vatrakta. The patient suffering from gout should avoid red meat completely, alcoholic beverages, carbonated drinks. So diet plays a very important role in gout because gout is due to deposition of uric acid in the body. There is a substance called purine in our diet which gets metabolised into uric acid. So if we have substances with less of purine, the uric acid substances will remain in the balance state and the patient suffering from gout will not have more pain.

Apart from diet we can use raktamokshana for the joint where it is painful. Raktamokshana is removing of the impure blood. According to ayurveda raktamokshana can be done with syringes. In extreme cases of gout where if there is lots of pain dahan karma can also can be done. Veshthanam and dhara also plays an important role in gout.

Veshthanam is take a clean clear cotton wrap dip it in warm castor oil and roll it on the affected area, this can also be done with castor leaves also as the leaves are big just dip them in the warm castor oil and wrap it on the affected area. Dhara is nothing but the decoctions made out of different herbs like dashamola, erendum or neem dhara, the decoction should be lukewarm and pour it from a certain specific height on the affected area.

Uric acid can be neutralised with vitamin C. Vitamin C plays a very important role in controlling of gout. In case of severe gout drink at least 3 litres of orange juice for first two days. Complete fasting with orange juice drastically normalizes the uric acid levels and then we can start with external remedies. Patients can have orange juice and lime juice on a daily basis. Gout patients can also eat one amla every day. Gout patient should be extremely careful about their diet and other ayurvedic remedies like oil massages can also be useful.

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