Muscular Knots in Stomach – What and Why?

Published on April 6, 2016 by HTC Team

Muscular knots happen in internal organs, which are protruding through the abdominal valve. Muscular knots in the stomach can happen due to a number of reasons and without any physician looking into it, it is not possible to know the cause of the pain. It is advised to visit and consult a doctor if the pain resides for a longer period than normal. The common reasons behind muscular knots are mentioned below:

  • The most common reason behind muscular knot is hyperacidity, in which the person feels a lot of bloating sensation in the stomach region.
  • Muscular cramps can also cause muscular knot sensation.
  • Hernia could be another cause behind the muscular knot. There’s a possibility that it could be obstructed hernia and it is strongly advisable to visit a doctor as soon as possible because obstructed hernia needs immediate medical attention.

Home remedies delay the treatment procedure and should not be done in the case of muscular knots. It could be any of the above-listed reasons, and without a physician looking into it, it is not possible to know the exact cause behind muscular knots. So it is advised to visit a doctor immediately in case of muscular knots.

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