How Does a Micro Needling Fractional Radio Therapy Work?

Published on December 21, 2015 by HTC Team

There are various ways of removing acne scars from the skin. One modern and effective process is micro needling fractional radio therapy where radio therapy is administered through micro needles, which removes a scar from the skin and also tightens the skin texture. In this technology, a disposable needle tip is used, but its type varies according to the need of the patient.

The depth is also adjusted in the machine as per requirement. For each scar, the depth can be selected and set, for best possible result that is if the scar is deep, the machine needs to be adjusted accordingly. Also there are other parameters that can be changed.

The needle attached to the machine comes out and fires a shot with a touch of the button. It emits radio frequency energy to the tissue. The tissue is heated up and as a result and collagen inside the tissue is released through the heat. The regenerated collagen released in this way is more soft and elastic. Thus the process not only helps to remove the scar, it also leads to the tightening of the skin. This is how the micro needling fractional radio therapy works to treat the skin.

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