Know the Procedure of Dermal Filler

Published on November 30, 2015 by HTC Team

Filler therapy is an office procedure in which no pre operative preparation is required. This is a procedure in which one is taken to the procedure room and a topical cream is applied to the cleansed face. Fillers come in the form of preloaded syringes with fine needles and these are injected into the skin.

The discomfort felt is minimal but even then, a topical anesthetic cream can be applied and left for 1 hour before applying the fillers.  Depending upon the requirement, the molecule size or type is chosen. Heavier molecules stay for a longer duration and give a better contour. These molecules are suitable for those who have bigger or more serious defects.  But if the defect is smaller, then even a lighter molecule can be used.

These fillers are injected into the skin and the correction or lift is seen immediately. This is so because by filling the molecules, the skin gets changed or enhanced instantaneously. But the best results can be seen over a period of two weeks since the fillers need to absorb the tissue fluid, swell and smoothen out. The client is then called after 2 weeks for any kind of review of the treatment.

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