Know the Difference Between Psychosomatic and Physiological Back Pain

Published on June 8, 2016 by HTC Team

Chronic neck pain is a very common problem these days. It mostly happens because of table chair work, often called as desk jobs, where a person has to sit in front of a computer system for long hours. This sitting posture leads to accumulation of stress in the upper back and neck. This increases due to lack of exercises. When it is an actual problem, it is a physiological pain and can be treated medically but when it is more imaginative, it becomes psychosomatic pain. Below given are some symptoms of psychosomatic pain:

  • It is difficult to treat this kind of pain because the patient has created an imaginary problem for himself.
  • The patient imagines this pain probably because he has gone through it physiologically in the past and is not really able to get over it.
  • It might happen even when the person conducts similar activities because of which he has suffered the pain in the past.
  • This pain is not easy to get clinically identified mainly because it is psychological.
  • This type of pain usually becomes permanent if the patient is not able to get over it and a psychiatrist treatment is needed in order to get it out of the patient’s mind.
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