What to Know about Refractive Error in the Eye?

Published on April 9, 2016 by HTC Team

Refractive error in the eye is the inability to have a clear vision due to the power of glass. The object in front of the eye is not clearly visible in refractive error. An eye has normally negative power or positive power and in these different powers, glasses are needed to have a clearer vision.

In normal eye function, the ray of light enters the cornea and focuses sharply onto the retina and there the image of the object is formed. Below given are more details on refractive erros:

  • When the ray of light strikes the retina or focuses behind or in front of the retina, this occurrence is known as refractive error.
  • To correct this error, a concave lens or a convex lens is placed in front of the human eye.
  • Usage of lens corrects the path of ray of light and makes it focused exactly on the retina and this gives normal clear vision.

The whole condition described above is known as refractive error. Refractive error can easily be corrected by putting concave or convex lens in front of the eye. The lens could be one of the both, depending on the position (ahead or behind) of the image forming on the retina due to refractive error.

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