Know 5 Reasons why Twitching of Eyes Takes Place

Published on June 7, 2016 by HTC Team

Involuntary movement of eyes where uncontrollable and frequent blinking takes place is a common thing we often experience. This phenomenon is of various types, one is known as Blepharospasm and the other is known as twitching. There are different reasons why twitching of eyes takes place and below given are the 5 most common causes of it:

  1. Stress: When the eyes face a lot of stress, especially in the form of refractive errors or other visual disturbances, twitching of eyes can take place.
  2. Tiredness: The eyes can get tired due to lack of sleep for long durations as well as exposure to pollution which can directly cause twitching of eyes.
  3. Strain on the eyes: This can happen due to excessive usage of computers or laptops, commonly known as Computer Vision Syndrome. The eyes can also experience strain due to excessive consumption of Alcohol as well as caffeine.
  4. Lack of Vitamins: Lack of specific Vitamins in the body, especially like Magnesium can also be a cause of twitching of eyes.
  5. Dry Eyes or Allergies: Eyes getting dry or facing allergies from various harmful elements or foods and drinks can also be rare causes of twitching of eyes.
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