How to Find Out Whether you have a Bladder Infection or not

Published on December 26, 2015 by HTC Team

Bladder infection, if treated in the early stage, can be completely cured. But in order to do that, the first step is to find out whether there is an infection in the bladder or not. The symptoms of bladder infection are pretty common, like increased frequency of urination, urgency or pain during urination, which is also known as dysuria.

However, there are other complications that might have similar symptoms, but generally when you have urgency and frequency of urine alongside painful urination, you are probably suffering from a bladder infection. So when you see a changing pattern of urination, that is increased frequency, combined with pain, you should take it seriously enough.

The diagnosis of bladder infection is very important and if you have been diagnosed with such infection, it should be immediately treated with medical supervision. Some people use hydration methods and cranberry tablets to prevent urinary tract infection; however these remedies can take time to show results thus the best option is to treat the infection medically as soon as possible. Thus when you suspect you have bladder infection you should go for a checkup since early treatment of the infection negates the chance of a subsequent infection in the bladder.

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