Know all About Full Body Laser Hair Reduction

Published on December 1, 2015 by HTC Team

The market for laser hair reduction is getting bigger and more attractive than ever. Newspapers and magazines are full of striking packages and photos of hairless models, luring every woman to leave the age old waxing routines for the all alluring Laser treatments. The advertisements promise a beautiful, smooth and youthful body for woman of any age. But is Laser a miracle solution of all our hair problems? Is it too good to be true or are we too cynical to believe?

Dr. Urmila Nischal, a reputed cosmetic Dermatologist who is a practising at Skin and Hair Clinic in Bangalore directs us to a very important fact check on the immensely sensational Full body Laser treatments.  She points out to know about the type of hair that could be removed by lasers before making your appointment.

According to her, “Laser is too strong for the very fine hairs that are typically on cheeks, forehead and upper lips.” Laser on this type of hair can lead to paradoxical stimulated growth as laser energy is too strong that the skin can tolerate. Laser treatments are best only on thick, black hair, also known as terminal. So, choose an expert for your Laser treatments wisely.

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