Basic First Aid Techniques you Must Know

Published on August 4, 2015 by HWC

The following are the few first aid techniques that you should be aware of to help any person in case of emergency. These techniques will serve as a basic treatment and sometimes saves one’s life.


It is the basic thing that you need to check that the victim’s airway or breathing passages are clear of obstructions.


Mouth to mouth resuscitation blows air into the victim’s lungs


Checking circulation means ensuring that the heart is pumping blood and there is no bleeding.


In case of immediate burns, immediately wash the affected part with cold water for few minutes.

Heart Attack

In case of heart attack, immediately lay down the person horizontally and allow fresh air to come.


Don’t try to move the part fractured. If your hand part is fractured, tie a sling to rest the part of in it.


In case of bleeding, wash the cut surface with normal clean water. Clean the area with cotton wool and apply mild antiseptic if required.

Snake Bite

For snake bite, immediately squeeze out some blood from the wound. Quickly tie a tourniquet to prevent spread of the venom.

Heat Stroke

In case of heat stroke, make the person lie down in a comparatively cooler place. Any excess clothing should be removed.


In case of poison intake, make the person drink as much water as possible. This will help them to vomit. Later on, rush to nearby hospital for medical assistance.

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