The Best and Fastest Ways to Lose Belly Fat

Published on March 5, 2016 by HTC Team

Belly fat comes under two conditions-after pregnancies or middle-age fat. As we age, the muscle strength of the abdomen or belly becomes lesser and lesser and thus instead of holding it in, it starts protruding out. Another reason for this could be stress and changes in hormonal profile. The following are the best ways to lose belly fat.


Abs crunches and core muscle exercises can help get rid of belly fat very fast.  You can also try boat exercise or “nauka asana” as this puts a lot of pressure on the stomach and hence reduces belly fat.

Diet and Nutrition

Try and have sprouted methi seeds. You can also have ginger water with a little bit of cinnamon every day. Another way to lose belly fat is to cut down on coffee as much as possible. Have grains in their cold form as they help to lose weight overall. You can also make besan pancakes as they too are superb for helping you get rid of the unwanted fat from the belly.

Ayurvedic Methods

Try panchkarma therapies for removing excess belly fat and lead a life with a healthy body.

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