Should you Exercise on an Empty Stomach?

Published on June 6, 2016 by HTC Team

The most notorious topics of discussion in the health and fitness industry are; should we exercise on an empty stomach? There are as usual, pros and cons to both of these approaches. Many of us can eat right before an aerobics and feel amazing, while others can’t be on their feet. The good answer could be you should not exercise with full stomach because our digestive system will be overloaded and it needs a blood supply which not is appropriate while doing exercises. Doing exercises on empty stomach improves the insulin sensitivity which could good in case of diabetic people. It also mobilizes fat and gets more energy burned which helps in case of obese people.

Generally it depends upon the body type. A few body types will bear exercising say one to one and a half hours without feeling dizzy. But there are also some people who can go to the gym with the empty stomach while there are other little weak people who may feel lightheaded and weak while doing exercises. For them it is good to have a small serve of carbohydrate drink or maybe a piece of banana. So, if you are capable to do workout for one to one and a half hours without feeling the harmful effects of empty stomach, you can go out and do it. It’s more significant to end up your workout and enjoy it rather than to drive yourself on an empty stomach and feel miserable.

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