Top 5 Estrogen Rich Food that are Silently Ruining your Health

Published on December 12, 2015 by HTC Team

Do you know the foods we all eat regularly are secretly ruining our health due to the presence of Estrogen over permissible level? Estrogen rich foods are known to destroy the hormone system from within, resulting in different diseases especially in women, like, auto immune diseases, hypothyroidism, even ovarian cancer. Here are the few foods that we eat regularly which we should ideally avoid.

The first food in this list has to be soy. Processed soy that is generally bought from stores is genetically modified and they tend to increase the chances of breast cancer and cervical cancer in women, and, impotence and other testosterone issues in men.

The second food that you might want to avoid is, too much sugar in your food, which leads to increase of estrogen in your body. The same thing happens when you consume too much carbohydrate, too.  Two more examples of estrogen rich foods, ruining your health are regular dairy products and meat. The last thing on the list to avoid is not a food per se, but plastic containers which are used for food or drinks. If you can avoid estrogen rich items in your diet then it will significantly lower the chances of harmful diseases.

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