Epilepsy: Recurrence of Seizures

Published on June 7, 2016 by HTC Team

Three major reasons for recurrence of seizures in a patient with epilepsy are:

  1. Wrong diagnosis:

It is to be kept in mind that there are several types of epilepsy and there are specific type of treatment & medications for each type. Wrong diagnosis by the doctor and subsequently wrong medication may cause recurrence of seizures even when the patient is on medication.

  1. Wrong dosage of medicine:

Medication doses vary with the weight of the patient and wrong dosages may lead to recurrence of seizure.

  1. Missing medicine:

The most important cause of recurrence of seizures is missing medication. This may lead to seizure of the same (as experienced before) or increased severity.

Other factors that can cause recurrence of seizures:

  1. Use of other medicines along with anti-epileptic medicine: Inform the specialist or general physician about the medical condition & the medicines that the patient is on while going for check-up for any medical issues to avoid adverse reactions.
  2. Decreased glucose and decreased sodium levels in the blood may trigger seizures even when the patient is on medication.
  3. Lack of sleep is another trigger of seizures: ensure that the patient is getting adequate sleep.
  4. Irregularity in taking food may be a cause of recurrence of seizures.
  5. Use of alcohol may also trigger such seizures.
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