Effective Ways to treat squint in Adults

Published on June 7, 2016 by HTC Team

Whenever squints are acquired, they are usually right from the childhood and there are very rare and exceptional cases when squint eyes occur in adulthood. The main reason for children getting squint eyes is not wearing spectacles even after having a power or opacity in the conducting area of the light of the eyes, which can also mean that there is a cataract in the eye. Muscle imbalance can cause squint in adults. Squint is normally treated with the help of following given method.

  • Conducting a surgery in order to fix the imbalance of the muscles of the eyes is the best option to treat a squint.
  • There are six muscles for each eyeball which control the entire movement of the eyes and for conducting the surgery, it is assessed by the doctors that which of these six muscles is weak or strong, which is leading to the imbalance.
  • With these findings, the doctors further release the muscle and relieve the tension on the muscle or put tractions on the muscle so that the eye ball moves itself to its original position and gets aligned with the position of the other eye.
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