Easy Ways to Deal With a Difficult Boss

Published on June 7, 2016 by HTC Team

Difficult boss, or difficulty, is a subjective term. Difficulty at workplace can be caused because of improper communication, lack of empathy for the employee, cornering him/her, blaming him/her, annoying the employee, giving extra work, making them work overtime, and many other situations. There are different levels of difficulties and they should be handled by looking at the situation. Below given are some of the common tips to deal with a difficult boss.

  • Be assertive. It is ability of a person to say yes or no without hurting anyone else or annoying them or making them feel bad about your decisions.
  • Before complaining about other people or things, especially your boss, make sure you have done your job well and met expectations of your seniors.
  • Do not talk about negative traits of the boss to other employees. This will create negativity in the entire work environment and also make your perception about your boss more negative.
  • Maintain a good communication with the HR manager and if you think that situations are going out of your control, handle it in a professional way, according to the formal procedures of your workplace, as this would be the most appropriate way.
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