Do Children’s have Cataracts?

Published on June 8, 2016 by HTC Team

Children do have cataract.  A cataract is a hazy or dense area in the lens located directly at the back of iris inside the eye. In general, the lens is apparent and allows light entering the eye to obviously focus an image on the retina. When cataracts develop, the light rays become dotted as they pass through the hazy lens and the retinal image becomes blurred and distorted. We see lots of children with bilateral cataract. The main causes of bilateral lateral cataracts are maternal infections, rubella, chicken pox, it could be a genetic disorder and also it could be metabolic disorders like diabetes, hypocalcaemia and Wilson’s disease sometimes.

Cataracts can be there at birth or can extend later in life. It has been estimated that one in every 250 children will develop a cataract either prior to birth or during childhood. While the exact cause of some cataracts found in both eyes is unknown, many are due to hereditary. Bilateral cataracts have also been associated with a number of genetic disorders. Remember that treating congenital cataract is very important because what is important after surgery is visual rehabilitation therefore uniocular cataract should be operated very fast and if we are treating bilateral cataracts the time gap between the two surgeries should be minimal.

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