Determining Diet Based on Body Type

Published on June 30, 2015 by HWC

You need to plan your diet according to your body type. Depending on the type of your body, your diet plan also changes. Generally, human body is categorized into 4 types:

Diet for Adrenal body type

High protein

People with this body type should consume high amounts of proteins. Main reason to have more of protein rich foods is that the body has the tendency to break more protein and collagen in skin. Recommended level is 3 to 6 ounces of protein per meal.

High fat

Should consume more of nuts, avocados, cheese, vegetables and plain yogurt don’t have any cholesterol in them. Taking enough fat will clean liver and if you do not have sufficient fat in your diet, you will not feel satisfied.

No Cruciferous

People with adrenal body type should not eat fruits and vegetables that consist of citric acid.

Ovary Body type

High protein

High fat (organic) – Instead of ice cream, cream cheese and cheese cake you should consume kefir, yogurt & cheese.


These are anti-estrogenic and balance estrogen because ovary body type secretes excessive estrogen levels.

No soy

You should not take soy since it can result in tumor and fibroid.

Liver body type

Low protein (3 ounces per meal)

Do not intake large quantities of cooked meat and cooked fat because it can destroy liver. So it is better to go by low fat and low protein. Elder people cannot digest red meat because their liver may get bad. But they can have some bile salts.


Cruciferous not only contains nutrients but also has phytonutrients, which fight against many diseases such as cancer, macular degeneration, prostate problems, and breast cancer.


For people with thyroid body type, it is preferable to take low protein (3 ounces), low fat and should not consume Cruciferous.

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