The Dangers of Spinal Surgeries we are Facing Today

Published on January 2, 2016 by HTC Team

In today’s world, the risk involved in Spinal Surgeries is less than 1%. Some of the types of risks involved are:

  • Wound Infection
  • Neurological Deficit Worsening
  • Pneumonia, Urinary Tract infection, bed sores
  • Death, ventilation and ICU

Wound Infection

This is the most common type of risk involved in Spinal Surgeries. These occur due to powerful bacteria which cannot be destroyed by antibiotics and in some instances, antibiotics do not work. These infections are very bothersome and have to be operated in rare cases or be treated by antibiotics.

Neurological Deficit Worsening

It is the deterioration of brain, spinal cord etc functions. The treatment for it is Neuronavigation or neuromonitoring. As a result of these methods of treatment, neurological deficit worsening has reduced to less than 0.1 %

Pneumonia, UTI and Bed Sores

Before surgery if a patient is already suffering from paralysis, then after surgery, he might develop pneumonia, Urinary tract infection and bed sores. The treatment is rehabilitation in such cases.

Death, Ventilation and ICU

The risk of death is just destiny and cannot be predicted beforehand.

Thus, now a days due to advancement in medical technology and improvement in surgical techniques, the risks involved in Spinal Surgeries has reduced to less than 1%.

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