4 Simple Ways to Cure Cavities Naturally

Published on July 6, 2015 by HWC

4 simple ways to cure cavities naturally

Cavities can be easily cured if they are at a beginning stage. But, if your cavity is severe then your cavity can’t be restored completely. It is proven that there are certain tips that heal your cavities naturally. It’s a four step process:

Replace Grains with sprouted grains

Have too much of nutrient blocker known as phytic acid, which binds all the minerals in grains, beans, nuts and seeds and does not allow you to enable them. So, at last you will not get any of the nutrients from the foods you eat. When you soak a grain or nut or seed, it kills phytic acid and unlocks all the minerals present in the food. You need those vitamins and minerals to help replenish your teeth and cure cavities.

Cut processed sugar

Processed sugar helps to grow bacteria in your body and result in cavities. If you are having a bit of raw local honey or manuka honey on day to day basis, then there will be no negative effect on your dental health.

Eat more fat soluble vitamins & more of traditional diet

Fat soluble minerals especially vitamin D, K, calcium, magnesium are important for dental health. Raw goat’s milk (kefir) is one of the best foods for healthy teeth. Drink four to eight ounces of goat’s yoghurt and goat’s milk each day.

More probiotics in diet

You need to make sure that you get more of probiotics in your diet, which kills bacteria and help eliminate plague. Kefir, apple, yoghurt, cider vinegar, fermented foods, etc. works best for oral health.

Try out these steps to cure cavities and maintain oral hygiene naturally.

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