What is the Correct Way to Drink Water?

Published on February 24, 2016 by HTC Team

It is now common knowledge that drinking water in a good quantity can help you deal with certain diseases. For example a person who is suffering from a problem of kidney stone is often advised to drink a lot of water. However, water can also cause a number of problems if it is not drunk in the correct way. What is the correct way to drink water? Dr. Willie Ong advises on the point.

  • The women who are suffering from urinary tract infection, Dr. Ong prescribes drinking of two glasses of water in one sitting. This will wash away the infection to some extent.
  • People who are suffering from heart burn or gastritis should drink 2 to 3 sips of water, opines Dr. Ong, in every 20 minutes, and this will ensure that they get some relief from their condition.
  • If you are dieting, you can always drink about two glasses of water before a meal. This will make your stomach full and you will be able to consume less food. Also, try to drink a glass of water after waking up.

Drinking water during the cough and cold also good for your health, says Dr. Ong, and you must keep yourself hydrated as much as you can.

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