Some of the Main Causes of Painful and Sensitive Scalp

Published on January 30, 2016 by HTC Team

Do you often experience scalp pain or some kind of sensitivity on the top of your scalp? Well this is not a rare occurrence since a lot of people can experience this. There can be a variety of reasons for pain and sensitivity on the scalp like infection, infestations, migraines and sinusitis. If you experience the sensitivity or pain, then it is very important to evaluate what the root cause is so as to tackle the problem accordingly.

Any kind of irritation on the skin of the scalp can lead to itching, tenderness and wetness. Infact in some cases, excessive oiling of the scalp can lead to infection which in turn leads to red bumps on the skin of the scalp which can be very painful.

During the summer months, there is scaling and ring worm infection on the scalp which too can lead to itching and pain. Lice infestation is common in India, scratching of which can also lead to a lot of pain and even excessive itching. Thus you must keep your surroundings clean and follow hygienic practices to avoid this. If you experience pain or sensitivity, visit your doctor.

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