Can Fever While Pregnant Harm Baby?

Published on August 11, 2016 by shiva

Pregnant women generally panic when they have fever, thinking that it will have a bad effect on the baby. Fever is common due to seasonal changes and in few cases due to the infection.

If it is a normal viral fever that generally affects most of the people, then the fever itself doesn’t cause any harm to the pregnancy. Common viral fever does not cause any harm to the pregnancy as the person has gained has immunity against viruses. When your body is immune, it generally fights against the viruses and do not cause any complications. When the fever is for a short duration it will not have any effect on the baby. In some cases there can be number of viruses that are very harmful to the pregnancy and they can cause lot of damage to the baby. The infection can be passed on to the baby through placenta. In that case baby can have congenital defects or baby can develop symptoms of some deficiencies later. Sometimes even lose of pregnancy can happen in very rare cases.

It is difficult to say which fever is safe and which fever is not safe. Pregnant women having fever can see at home with 100-102 type fever for 2 – 3 days managing with dolo 650 or a paracetamol. In case if the fever is not settling down it is always safe to consult the doctor and get it checked. Do all the tests advised by the doctor and make sure you and baby are fine.

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