Can Febrile Seizures in children lead to personality changes in an adult?

Published on March 6, 2017 by shiva

Febrile seizures are common in children during fever. Febrile seizure is a convulsion seen in children that is usually caused due to a rise in body temperature and infection. Mostly parents panic when they see their children having a febrile seizure.

Febrile seizures generally represent a unique response of your child’s brain to fever and other changes in his/her body. These seizures are usually harmless and typically do not lead to any major complications.

Febrile Seizures Symptoms

Seizures in children are common and the children having febrile seizure may show the following condition:

  • Have high fever than 100.4 F
  • Lose consciousness
  • Jerks observed in arms and legs

Febrile seizures may be classified into two types namely:

  1. Simple febrile seizures

Simple febrile seizures generally last from a few seconds to 15 minutes. These seizures do not recur within a 24 hour period and are mostly generalized. Simple febrile seizures are not confined to one part of your body.

  1. Complex febrile seizures

Complex febrile seizures generally last longer when compared to simple febrile seizures. It usually lasts for 15 minutes and may occur more than once within 24 hours. Complex febrile seizures are mostly confined to one part of your body.

Children suffering with febrile seizures do not have any major health disorder as they grow older. However, prolong use of epileptic medicines can cause certain problems in children’s growth. The side effect of these epileptic medicines generally leads to retardation of mental growth.

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