Are Bananas Good for Health?

Published on January 25, 2016 by HTC Team

A lot has been said about the health benefits of a banana. However, there is another aspect that people worry over, that is the sugar content of many fruits, and banana is one of them. Thus people are not very confident if bananas are good for health or not.

The problem with bananas is, other than having high sugar contents, they do not have too much protein, or healthy fat that is good for health, in it. Eating just a banana can have a little effect on your blood sugar. It tends to affect the sugar more than many other fruits. For those who wish to lose weight or have sensitive blood sugar levels then banana is not a good choice.

On the positive side, there is loads of potassium in bananas. One single banana approximately has 500 mgs of Potassium content. Also it is rich in magnesium and full of electrolytes that provide energy. Also in comparison to healthier grains like quinoa, it contains lesser amount of carbohydrate.

If you compare it with berries, then it turns out to be not a very health food, but otherwise, it is good for health especially if you are a sports person. For someone who is healthy and lean, banana is much healthier than any of the grains that you can eat.

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