Ayurvedic treatment and Home Remedies for Acne

Published on June 6, 2016 by HTC Team

Almost everyone has experienced at least an occasional pimple during adolescence. Acne can be such a socially embarrassing condition. Acne is a skin condition in which there is an excess production of oil from the sebaceous glands leading to the blockage of hair follicles. It is the most common problem of adolescents. You may need treatment for several months to clear spots. Inflamed acne needs to be treated early to prevent scarring. Once the spots are gone, you may need maintenance treatment for several years to keep the spots away.
What are the causes of acne?
• Eating habits like consumption of oily and spicy foods.
• Stress and anxiety.
• Lifestyle changes.
• Constipation.
• Vitamin B and vitamin D deficiency.
• Dust and Pollution,
• Smoking and Alcohol consumption.

Target the underlying root cause of dandruff, constipation, stress and anxiety like having lots of fibre rich food, the nutrient efficiency with lots of green leafy vegetables to rule out these causes and then comes the external application. Make few lifestyle modifications like drinking plenty of water, making a habit of taking green tea. Reduce stress and then apply the external remedies like Neem, turmeric and Kantakari make them like a paste and mix with milk and apply at night time.

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