Ayurvedic Treatment For Heel Pain

Published on August 4, 2016 by shiva

Heel pain is a common problem faced by both men and women. Heel pain may be due to number of reasons like planterfaciatis, calcaneal spur and many other diseases. Calcaneus is bone of the heel and when you have a spur or calcium deposition at that point it is called as calcaneal spur. In ayurveda calcaneal spur can be related with vartakantak pr padakantak. Kantak means thorn. You will have a thorny feeling when you walk, that is the reason it is called vartakantak.

In vartakantak there are many treatments. Out of the many treatments dahan karma is usually adapted for treating heel pain. Dahan karma in varta kantka can be done with mruthika shalaka. Mruthika means mud that is available in places like Gujarat.

The mud can be white, black and red in colour. You have to make a rod from the different types of mud. And the rod is heated up to a point directly on the flame. And place the rod at the site of pain for around 20-30 seconds till the patient can bear it and then clean it with turmeric water. Honey can also be used along with turmeric water for cleaning the area. Exercises are also must for after this treatment for complete recovery from heel pain. Dahan karma is considered as the best remedy for heel pain or calcaneal spur.

Another effective treatment for calcaneal spur is ishtika swedhanam.Ishtika swedhanam is for non diabetic patients. In this method a brick is used and is made red hot and is put on an iron pan. Keep your leg above it and pour dashmolarishta, dashamolkwatha and tundulaca. Tundulaca is also called as rice water on your leg to treat calcaneal spur.


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