Ayurvedic cardiac tonic – Home Remedy For Heart Support

Published on June 2, 2015 by HWC Team

Ayurvedic cardiac tonic – Home Remedy for Heart Support

Arjune ghee is a clarified butter preparation, in which Terminalia Arjuna will be processed with ghee. Arjuna is very good for heart.

Firstly, to prepare Arjune ghee, we have to prepare Arjuna Khasayam.


40 gm- Arjuna

640 ml-Water (1:16 proportion)


Step 1: Heat the mixture

Step 2: Mixture should be reduced to 160 ml- 200 ml (quarter)

Step 3: Make sure that the mixture should be boiled under mild fire in a wide mouth vessel

Step 4: Mixture should be stirred continuously

Step 5: After the mixture has reached 160 ml, filter it.

Arjuna kashayam is ready

Step 6: Take Arjuna powder and add little water to make semi-solid paste

Step 7: Add this paste to khasayam (10gm of paste+ 40ml of ghee)

Step 8: Boil the mixture till water evaporates and only ghee remains

Step 9: Boil it till water evaporates

The specialty is khasayam contains water soluble active principles of Arjuna khasayam and ghee is a fat medium. Arjuna in ghee medium will give fast soluble active principles. The resulting mixture contains water soluble and fat soluble contains of Arjuna.

Step 10: Boil the mixture till water goes away and have only ghee

In order to test the mixture, take a spoon of Arjuna and test it on fire. While testing it, if the mixture produces some noise that indicates that there is still some moisture. You can also test the mixture by rolling it to a pill.

Step 11: If the mixture color turns the ghee color, then it is almost done

Test the mixture again in the fire; if there is no noise, then it is boiled

Step 12: Finally, the solid portion of Arjuna powder should completely leave out of the ghee and two different entities should be remained in the same vessel

Step 13: Filter it to get final ghee

This Arjuna Ghee can be used as cardiac tonic. It can be preserved or stored for one year in airtight container. Upon your ayurvedic doctor’s prescription, you can take around 3-5 grams of Arjuna Ghee with warm water on regular basis.

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