First Aid Tips for Asthma

Published on August 3, 2015 by HWC

Asthma is a serious inflammatory respiratory disease featured by episodes of coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, rapid breathing and a tight feeling in the chest. Asthma is a life threatening attack and can pose a serious effect on health. Generally, asthma is categorized into three types: mild, moderate and severe.

So, first aid for asthma can help in relieving symptoms. First aid is an emergency course of action that should be given immediately to a person suffering from asthma. It can prevent the escalation of the asthma.

First aid is a three stage process:

Determine the stage of the attack

When someone is having a mild attack, chest may feel tight.


During a mild attack, the intervening steps will differ.

Prevent Escalation

During mild attack the series of intervening steps may vary depending on the extent of the attack. For instance, in case of noxious fumes, the person should inhale fresh air either through a window. During asthma, drinking water is as important as taking medication. Adults and children should drink two to three cups of water consecutively before taking medication. The cup size should be six to eight ounces. Drinking cold water will constrict the airways and make the asthma attack worse. If percolator coffee is available, then go for it.


If symptoms continue, apply Reflexology technology. This technique helps prevent illness and advances health. Every body part has a Reflexology side on the foot. When applying Reflexology, continuously apply pressure on each foot. Apply pressure for 15 seconds. After 5 to 10 minutes of Reflexology, the level of pain will decrease and you will feel better.

These steps will work best for asthmatic patients.

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