Know all About Amniocentesis

Published on December 5, 2015 by HTC Team

Doctors sometimes suggest amniocentesis during pregnancy. It might be a difficult word but it is not at all difficult to understand. Dr. Hema Divakar at Divakar Specialist Clinic in Bangalore informs about the amniocentesis procedure. Amniotic fluid is the fluid around the baby in the womb like baby’s own swimming pool. The amniocentesis procedure is drawing the sample fluid and sending it to laboratory for examination.

This is usually done to check for genetic problems. Like when you are in fever, a sample of your blood is sent to laboratory for diagnosis; in the same way if there is any suspicion with the health of the baby during pregnancy, a sample of the fluid is sent for the examination. The fluid works as a representative sample tissue of baby’s body as it is complicated and risky to poke into foetus.

Amniocentesis is done when there are indications like if there is a child with Down’s syndrome from previous pregnancy, markers in scan that suggest any mental or genetic defect. It is an invasive procedure and a necessary one. It is worthwhile when indicated by doctor to be done as it give one with vast pool of information about the genetics of the baby which can help for a better pregnancy and child care. So, stay ahead of time and trust your doctor without being anxious.

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