Adverse Effects of Swimming on Skin and Hair

Published on June 13, 2016 by HTC Team

Swimming is one of the healthiest forms of activity that humans can partake in. This allows you to strengthen your heart and immune system, swimmers are also able to make muscle and increase their capacity. It is important to take care of hair and skin, as repeated exposure to chlorine can cause short-term damage. Chlorine can help protect us from infections and illness; however, our hair can be damaged from repeated chlorine exposure. People with blond hair are known to have their hair turn a greenish color if swimming in chlorine for extended periods of time. Chlorine is a gas which is commonly used to disinfect the pools as it is essential to keep the pools hygienic. a standardized amount of chlorine should be used but sometimes people either over are using it or under using it because of that it end ups with troubles.

Absorption of chlorine happens in many which ways. When it comes to swimmers it causes a dental damage called erosion’s on the teeth. This chlorine also affects some people with scaly light skin and if person already has a dry skin the issues become worse and people who have dry hair the dryness increases, if the person is already having a colored hair color gets bleach, there are lot of other issues due to uv radiation as 25% of uv gets reflected of the water, so you might have induced sun tanning which people observe when they go swimming.

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