5 Common myths about shampoos

Published on July 27, 2016 by shiva

Shampoos are basically detergents which are used to cleanse the scalp from the normal oil that is secreted throughout the day. The oil secreted by scalp also called as sebum. The shampoos also help in cleaning the dust, dirt and grease from the scalp.

Myths about shampoos

There are lots of myths about shampoos. The most common myths about shampoos are:

• Over shampooing of hair will cause hair loss is the commonest myth, but is absolutely a myth. Shampoo is like soap when used in the right way and the right type of shampoo does not cause any problem to the hair or the scalp.
• The second thing is that you should not shampoo you r hair daily, it’s going to increase hair loss. The number of hair that is going to fall for a particular day is going to remain the same whether you shampoo or don’t shampoo. If you shampoo that day, it will shed during shampooing. When you don’t shampoo, it will shed when you comb your hair. So shampooing does not increase hair loss.
• The third thing is you should shampoo your hair first and then condition. You need to figure out how your hair type is. In case it is very dry and curly and very unmanageable, you can condition it first and get the locks straight and more in shape and then shampoo your hair.
• Shampoo basically is required to lather up and clean the scalp, not the hair shaft per say. So pick up that much shampoo that you need to foam up the scalp and clean it. But there is no excess need to use the shampoo on the shaft of the hair.
• The higher the chemicals, more is the damage to the hair. People think baby shampoos are good as it contains fewer chemicals. In baby shampoos they generally use a milder surfactant and they use a chemical that don’t lead to tears, but otherwise the basic process is just the same.
It is better to use shampoo based on the type of scalp and hair and use it as much it is required for cleansing.


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